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21.04.2013 Индустрия здоровья
Накануне проведения Международного туристического форума, который будет проходить на Херсонщине в мае текущего года мы начинаем публикацию материалов под рубрикой «Индустрия здоровья». Убеждены, что главной миссией Херсонской области является именно такое направление, и это имеет огромное значения для всей страны.
29.05.2012 Energy efficient Kherson region
Energy efficient Kherson region
24.11.2011 Transport
Kherson region - a transit territory with extensive transport system: rail, sea, river, road and air.
24.11.2011 Sphere of housing and communal services
In the system are nearly 600 businesses and organizations that produce and provide housing services. The housing of the region is nearly 25 thousands sq. m. (urban housing fond - 61%, rural - 39%).
24.11.2011 The philosophy of the reformation of health care sphere
The development of science opens up new approaches to human health, in which the treatment is designed to enhance a man hidden in the rehabilitation setting...
24.11.2011 The philosophy of the reformation of the sphere of industry
The main task of the program is the creation of innovative post-industrial economy, based on competitive (domestic and foreign markets) industrial complex area...
24.11.2011 The philosophy of reformation of agriculture sector
With regard to rural areas - we offer a fundamentally new way of using the cluster model and capabilities of scientific and industrial cooperation.
20.11.2011 Education
Kherson has considerable scientific potential, recognized in the world scientific schools, an advanced system of training.
17.11.2011 The philosophy of the reforming of tourism
To achieve the harmony of mutual understanding among nations and peoples should be created the conditions for learning each other. Tourism provides this unique opportunity.
17.11.2011 Philosophy of construction and renovation of Housing
Humanity, in order to preserve itself, must take responsibility for the maintenance and development of the biosphere - and this requires a new social organization, environmental and humanistic ethics, which fundamentally will change all spheres of life.
17.11.2011 The philosophy of the reform of Environmental sphere
...we proceed from the understanding that humanity, being an integral part of nature, on the one hand needs to be defined as a medium of their habitat, and on the other - the very same has this as a direct and powerful influence.
17.11.2011 Programs of innovative development
Globalization, crisis, instability of the world – all this requires the territories, organizations and institutions that want to be competitive, find new innovative ways of development...
17.11.2011 The philosophy of the reform of energy supply
To date, we realize that on the one side energy resources of the Earth (oil, gas, coal, etc.) are exhausted, on the other – the majority of consumed energy is used inefficiently.
17.11.2011 The philosophy of cluster approach of the development of the region
In order to provide the dynamics of the processes of socio-economic growth of the territory is very suitable to use the opportunities of public-private partnership...
15.11.2011 The philosophy of saffing program
Developing the staffing program, we proceed from the understanding that each epoch in human evolution was personified with the key idea, which owned the society.

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