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Five Pieces From the Collection of Kherson Regional Local History Museum Will Be Presented at the Exhibition "Grand and Great"

From 23 July to 23 September in Kyiv Ukrainian inter-museum project "Grand and Great / Velyke and Velychne" passes, where Kherson region takes part.

So, five pieces from the collection of the Kherson Regional Museum will represent our region. Namely, "Stone Stella" (Cimmerian culture X-VIII centuries BC, Sadovoe village of Bilozerka district, found by Dmytro Yavornytskiy in 1892. Made of limestone by cutting and grinding. Height - 71cm, width - 29cm , thickness - 14cm), "Statue - anthropomorphic, stone" (Scythian culture of IV century BC, Verkhniy Rohachyk village. It was found and handed over to the Museum by head of Krasnoznamenka expedition Hryhoriy Yevdokymov in 1991. Made of limestone by cutting and grinding. Height - 118cm, width - 48-57cm, thickness - 21cm), "Stone sculpture" (Middle Ages. Place and time of discovery is unknown. Made of granite by cutting and grinding. Height - 80cm, width - 40cm , thickness - 20cm), "Stone Sculpture" (VI-IX centuries, place and time of discovery is unknown. Appeared in Kherson Museum before 1910. Made of limestone by carving and relief. Height - 105cm, width - 16cm, thickness - 15cm), and "Stone statue" (VI - V centuries BC, Scythian culture, Bratolyubivka village of Hornostaivka district. It was found accidentally in 1977. Made of limestone by threading and flat relief. Height - 140cm, width - 55cm, thickness - 20 cm).

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