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Lithuanian Group of Companies "ARVI" Plans to Implement Investment Projects in Kherson Region

"We are interested in attracting foreign investment in Kherson region, through which will be created new jobs with good wages for the residents of our region" - said today the Chairman of Kherson Regional State Administration Mykola Kostyak during a meeting with the leadership of the group of companies "ARVI."

During the meeting, according to the President of the group of companies "ARVI" Vidmantas Kučinskas it became known that the company intends to build in Kherson region a plant for the production and sale of compound fertilizers and a complex for breeding and deep processing of turkeys and veterinary-sanitary plant for livestock and poultry waste disposal.

The construction project of vet-san-plant for livestock and poultry waste disposal, which at an output of 50 thousand tons/year, will cover the territory of gathering of raw materials to 400 km. Taking into account the growth in population in the poultry and livestock industries, temperature regime in the southern regions of Ukraine and the threat for environmental safety at livestock burial grounds, the establishment of such plant is of current concern.

Now for the construction of the plant is considered the land area on 5 hectares in Tsiurupynsk district.

In addition, the project of development of production activities to implement the complex fertilizers envisages the construction of a plant for the production of complex fertilizers with capacity of 140 thousand tons/year.

Regarding the construction project for the breeding and deep processing of turkeys, according to Vidmantas Kučinskas it is planned to build farms for turkeys breeding, slaughter, processing and feed mills.

"The total sum that we plan to invest in Kherson region is about 80 million euros," - said the president of the group of companies "ARVI" Vidmantas Kučinskas.

Information guide. The group of companies "ARVI" - a group of enterprises in the sector of agriculture and food industry with the Lithuanian capital, which successfully operates in the production of fertilizers, fodder and sugar, meat processing and disposal of animal waste. Enterprises of the company are not only in Lithuania but also in Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia and Croatia.

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