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In the Kherson region Austrians will build "Dunapack"

By September-October this year in Tsyurupinsk Austrians are going to start the production of corrugated packaging. Construction of the Company for the production of corrugated packaging, with 120 million square meters per year, began in 2007, but was soon suspended. Last year, the government of Kherson region made great efforts to bring such a great investor to the region. To do this, Deputy Chairman of the Kherson Regional State Administration Anatoly Khomenko went to Austria and conducted successful negotiations, and now director of "Dunapack" Cord Printshorn came to our region with a return visit.

Austrian guest said that he gladly resumed work on the plant in Kherson region, because the region is developing rapidly, and its government has the "right" team.

"During the last visit two years ago, we were even treated to a cup of coffee. And today we are already seeing a very different approach, we see a unified, organized team that takes an active part in solving our problems. So we are very pleased to work together with you" - admitted Printshorn.

The Governor Mykola Kostyak promised to correct an oversight and make sure guests drink tea and coffee, as well as provide comprehensive assistance in the implementation of the Austrian investment project. For effective cooperation, both sides signed a memorandum immediately.

Help. For the construction of a plant for the production of corrugated packaging was invested 15 million euros during 2008-2009. In March of this year, work was resumed, and has already scheduled to buy the equipment for 15 million euros until mid-September, the total amount of investment in the project amounts to almost 40 million euros. The plant will provide around 200 jobs.


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