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Solar Panels Are Being Installed in Novotroitsk District

The implementation of the projects involving innovative technologies is started in Novotroitsk district: the installation of solar panels, construction of wind farms. Two NGOs of the district (Novomykhaylivka and Novomykolaivka) expressed a desire to implement the projects "Innovative energy-efficient activities on street lighting. Remodeling using renewable energy sources (solar)" with total cost 476.0 million UAH, of which: the amount of international technical assistance will amount to 320,0 UAH. Micro-project proposals are currently approved project documentation - made, which is being examinated.

To participate in I and II phases of the EU/UNDP project "Local development oriented on community," joined 11 social organizations of the district. Thanks to the participation of the Syvash village, Volodymyrj-Ilyinsk, Novopokrovka, Oleksandrivka, Chkalovo, Dyvne, Hromivka 10 micro-projects were implemented worth 1,434.7 million UAH (of which the means of international technical assistance are 691.4 thousand UAH). Through community initiatives in four villages was restored water supply system, in three - redecorated feldsher-midwife stations and clinics, in three settlements works on energy conservation in nurseries were carried out.

Society of Novotroitsk district for 5 years has the ability to improve the pressing problems of rural areas with the support of the EU/UNDP project "Local development oriented on community" and authorities. During the period of realization of the stages I and II of the EU/UNDP project 60 community meetings, 13 meetings of the Forum of Local Development, 15 workshops, 6 trainings were conducted. For organization of work in efforts to attract international technical assistance by the order of the chairman of the district state administration of April 9, 2010 № 201 on the basis of the Department of Economic, Regional Development and Trade of the Regional State Administration is created the District Resource Centre for Community Development.

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