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12.04.2013 Инициатива 2030 и высшая школа
Создавая стратегию развития «Конкурентоспособной Херсонщины» мы не можем упускать высшую школу. Проблемы высшего образования, как правило, неразрывно связаны с проблемами экономики страны.
12.04.2013 Перспективы развития индустриальных парков в Херсонской области
Стратегией развития Херсонской области на ближайшие 3-5 лет предусмотрено создание целого ряда индустриальных парков.
10.05.2012 "Ecology, Environment and Nature"
Mykola Kostyak's article , which was included to the book "Ecology, Environment and Nature," which was presented at the International Environmental Forum "Environment for Ukraine" (was held on 24-26 April 2012 in Kiev).
05.04.2012 "Return to the spiritual sources"
Especially acute is an issue of free time for youth who spends much time on computer games and social networks and who are not interested in outdoor recreation and often does not know how to entertain, if there is no computer near. This leads to environmental decline of the soul and to formation of the child-consumer, who is not interested in the outside world.
05.04.2012 Living History and Reconstruction Centre "Oleshye"
In "Oleshye" the air of Kherson steppes is intertwined with the ringing anvil, the noise of the river and the rustle of grass steppe, the smell of cooked foods on the fire according to the recipes of our ancestors. Here the dashing fellows shoot a bow and beautiful girls, dressed in traditional outfits of Oleshye, do needlework. The Centre is glad to see clever heads and industrious hands. If you have an aspiration and desire - to find common ground and make this world better is always possible!
05.04.2012 "Kherson initiative 2030"
There comes a time for model of sustainable and balanced development of human civilization based on the harmony between man and nature.
17.11.2011 International Forum of regional competitiveness
Ukraine needs its own site, where you can talk about the future of the country, its role on the world stage, the prospects of reform, modernization and innovation, as well as to conduct annual monitoring of the effectiveness of regional development...
14.11.2011 Public Movement "Competitive Kherson region"
Kherson region, has made a choice in favor of a new civilization of social, humanitarian choice, based on the principles of harmony, freedom of choice and responsibility, begins a difficult way to find an innovative formula of successful management of complex social organism, which is the region.
22.09.2011 Expected Results
Implementation of the Programme of increasing of competitiveness of the Kherson region would create a system of effective control by representative and executive power. It would also create a favourable business environment for business.
22.09.2011 Conditions of effectiveness
For the successful implementation of the Program should be fulfilled a number of conditions. It is developing of mechanisms of strategic partnership of citizens, employers, researchers, governments in developing and implementing of the Programs of increasing of competitiveness of the region.
22.09.2011 Structure of the Program
The Program consists of target, cross-sectoral and sectorial programs. They provide the formation of highly skilled human resources management (heads of government, business and civic organizations should be able to...
22.09.2011 Background of the creation
The basis of the Program of increasing of competitiveness of the Kherson region is analysis of the potential of existing mineral, land, production, human resources and the current state of their use.
22.09.2011 Goal of the Program
The goal of the Programme of increasing of competitiveness of the region is ensuring of a high standard of peoples’ living and high employment level in a sustainable manner.
22.09.2011 Background of the program
The dynamics of the development of the global community will inevitably lead to ever-increasing globalization - economic, political, scientific, technological, cultural and information linkages and integration...

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