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29.04.2013 In Kherson Region a Medieval Settlement Is Being Build
Ukraine's first museum of living history "Oleshshya" is located on the territory of the eco-park "Vsioho Svoho" in Kherson region. The museum will show the diversity and peaceful coexistence of "steppe", "Slavic" and "Scandinavian" cultures that were typical of the South of Ukraine back in the Middle Ages.
06.04.2012 Sergey Polunin
About a talented dancer Sergey Polunin from Kherson in his native city, alas, not everyone knows. But abroad, he is a real star: the soloist of the London Royal Ballet Covent Garden, the man who entered the list of the most famous people in London and is compared with the legendary dancer Rudolf Nureyev.
26.03.2012 Mykola Tseluyko
Lead artist on Kherson cotton mill.
26.03.2012 Mykola Skadovsky
An outstanding artist, who left his contribution to the painting of not Kherson region only, but also to the world treasury of masterpieces.
26.03.2012 Samuel Nevelshteyn
Soviet artist, painter, graphic artist, teacher, member of the Leningrad Union of Artists of the RSFSR.
26.03.2012 Olexiy Shovkunenko
Ukrainian painter-aquarellist, landscape and portrait artist and teacher.
26.03.2012 Ephim Mikhailov
Was born in Oleshky (now Tsyurupinsk). He graduated from Kherson Technical High School, where he held his art "christening."
26.03.2012 Mykhailo Zhuk
Ukrainian modernist painter and poet.
26.03.2012 Vyacheslav Mashnytskyy
Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, the founder of the Museum of Modern Art in Kherson, founder of the Kherson Regional Charitable Foundation of Polina Rayko.
26.03.2012 Ivan Shulga
Russian and Soviet painter (Ukrainian origin), graphic artist, teacher, master of thematic paintings, portraits, landscapes and still lifes.
26.03.2012 Ivan Aivazovsky
The famous Russian artist, seascapes, battle painter, collector, philanthropist.
26.03.2012 Alexander Vorona
An artist.
26.03.2012 Владимир Николаевич Кравченко
Херсонский художник.
26.03.2012 Alexander Berezhnoy
Famous Ukrainian artist, a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine.
26.03.2012 Mykhailo Andrienko-Nechytailo
A talented Ukrainian artist, writer (writer-novelist), scenographer.

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